Tantric Tip To Last Longer #short

Published September 23, 2022 tag category
Tantric Tip To Last Longer #short

How To Have A Threesome

Learn the secrets that every guy must know in order to have a threesome. Get it right and you’ll ensure years of pleasure. Get it wrong and you’ll remain in fantasy land.

How to Impress a Woman in Bed – The Girls Guide to Passion, Pleasure and Persuasion

What do women REALLY want in bed? Are they myths about what turns a girl on REALLY true… or are they simply twisted facts that other men want you to believe to BUY something new? Why do some women go to bed with a man with super speed..and wait days, weeks, (or NEVER) with others they’ll date?

Women to Women: How To Find the Right Man for Bliss in the Bedroom

I hear from women all the time, telling me they’re are not feeling desired, are unfulfilled in the bedroom, or can’t seem to find the right man to get the job done! Well grab your cocktail or coffee, because I had an eye-opening conversation with The Renegade Sex Expert, David Shade, who shared some tips on how to find the man of your dreams in the bedroom, and how women can have the most wild, soul satisfying orgasms!

How Is Tantric Sex Different From Normal Sex?

In tantric sex, the act of physical intimacy is not about reaching orgasm but of staying in the moment of intimacy for prolonged periods. The effort involved is far less, and the emotional connection between the partners is far greater. There is a very high level of emotional involvement in the act. It is an act of worship. The partners have been physically, emotionally and spiritually attuned to each other by their tantra training.

Adult Couples Games – Sexy Games Couples Can Play

Adult couples games can help make couples more passionate with one another. Games do not necessarily need to be grand or lavish. Even simple things and activities that will make lovemaking more fervent can be performed by couples.

Body Language From Women – 3 Key Gestures Every Man Should Know

Ever found yourself sitting at a local coffee shop on a busy afternoon and catching eyes with a very attractive young lady for a quick second? Then the question you want to know is if she has interest in you at all? Or, are you just over guessing the scenario at hand? Ever wondered if they’re any hidden signals that women throw out daily in front of us men to react? Well the answer is yes! But most men never comprehend and instead take it as a mere gesture. Understanding body language from women is the key element of courtship and stacking the favor into your hands when dating.

Top 5 Benefits of a Bigger Penis – Learn How It Can Improve Your Sex Life Like It Did Mine!

I used to be embarrassed about my penis size, and for good reason. I was endowed shorter than the critical 6-inch mark in length, and my girth was under 5 inches. My penis was legitimately short and skinny, being below average in both length and girth. I was embarrassed in the gym locker room and even more embarrassed revealing it to a new girl for the first time. My small penis and how I could deal with it consumed a lot of my time, which led to a lot of research, and ultimately I discovered natural penis enlargement — getting longer and thicker using just my hands. It worked and I went from below average to very well hung. Here are the top 5 things I have found about having a big penis.